Why spend your weekends remodeling your bathroom? Leave the work to us – we service all of Greater Glasgow!

Whether you’re staring down an empty canvass or one that’s already filled with many details and even cute doodles, we’ve got you covered!

Bathroom Fitters Glasgow specialises in a wide range of projects and restorations alike in and around Glasgow.

We’ll even guide you through every step of the way – from the drawing board  and even down to the finishing touches, we take precise measurements and even photographs to bring the project to life.

We have a strong working relationship with our team, suppliers and clients both past and present, we can also source materials from other sources to make your dream bathroom come true.


Bathroom Fitters Glasgow is made up of a diverse team of interiors designers, tilers, plumbers, and joiners and plasterers who have one thing in common – to make all bathroom stylish yet functional for everyone.

With our various connections to several suppliers of the trade, we can have everything we need in a matter of days.

No matter how big or small you want your bathroom to be, we’ve got you covered and we can guarantee you that you’ll have the design you want without compromising anything and staying within your budget, our workmanship is our guarantee.

Bathroom Fitters Glasgow has several years of experience in the field and work directly with our team and suppliers from every field, we are ready to take on any of job whether it’s small domestic project or large commercial ones, all carried out within strict guidelines and the highest of standards that will ensure our designs can last for a lifetime and several uses.

We plan every project thoroughly and work hand in hand with you in every step of the way, we’ll even take in your suggestions on how to make us efficiently and harmoniously.

Unlike Others….

Bathroom Fitters Glasgow has a very tight knit team that will work personally on every aspect of your project, we’ll work with minimal disruption in your home – no stream of workmen going in and out, noise especially when breaking or installing things; in fact, you don’t have to wait for your turn to use the bathroom or wait for someone who can work on the plumbing.

We’ve got everyone on the team, even down to the cleaner!

We’ll move seamlessly through each stage of the refurbishment in a planned and coordinated manner, you don’t need to supervise us all throughout the day.

Bathroom Fitters Glasgow provides consistent and reliable service with each step until we’ve completed installing even down to the smallest piece of accessory in your dream bathroom, we’ll also provide references automatically whenever you request for them.

Although we may not be the most cheapest nor are we the most expensive bathroom fitters, we can guarantee you that no spot is left unchecked, no shortcut will be taken, and more importantly no extra or hidden fees will be charged to you.

You can definitely count on us with whatever bathroom plans you have and we’ll make them a reality with every tool we have in our arsenal.

Our Services

Bathroom renovation

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Why us?

We got the tools

With every new installation we do, will be done with the utmost care with our state of the art tools, your existing bathroom fixtures will be prepared, clean, and even repaired before and when we install your new bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Certified Experience

We take pride in our team and the work we do.

Competitive Pricing

We’ll make sure that you’ll get the best appliances and fixtures for your bathroom that are made from the highest grade of materials available; we’ve also got that service to match your bathroom design needs and wants.

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